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Accident Protection for everyday Life!

Accidents happen every day and You can’t plan for the unexpected... or can You? You owe it to Yourself and Your family to have extra protection for Your everyday life. America’s Choice Accident Protector gives You the peace of mind of knowing You’ve got extra coverage for those unpredictable yet extremely common accident expenses.
America’s Choice Accident Protector is designed to help fill in the gap between Your major medical coverage deductibles, co-payments, and out-of-pocket expenses.

Excess Medical Expense Coverage*

We give You the option to select coverage that fits Your budget and needs. Choose Your coverage amount from the list below.

  • $2,500 per Insured with $100 deductible
  • $5,000 per Insured with $250 deductible
  • $7,500 per Insured with $250 deductible
  • $10,000 per Insured with $500 deductible
  • $12,500 per Insured with $500 deductible
  • $15,000 per Insured with $500 deductible

What is Excess Medical Expense Coverage?

America’s Choice Accident Protector pays You up to the Excess Medical Expense Coverage for the remaining amount of medical expenses incurred per Insured per Accident.
Excess Medical Expenses Coverage may include: Medically Necessary treatment by a physician, nurse or dentist; hospital room and board; outpatient surgery; ambulance; dental work to sound natural teeth; drugs; medicines; diagnostic tests and x-rays; oxygen; casts; splints; crutches; blood; plasma; and rental of durable medical equipment for a covered Accident or Injury. Benefits are subject to Your Excess Medical Expense Deductible per Accident per Insured.
*Benefits reduce by 50% on the 65th birthday of the Primary Insured and the spouse of the Primary Insured.

Help cover the cost of deductibles, co-pays and other expenses not covered by your major medical plan.

Emergency Air Ambulance

Many accidents require emergency transportation to a Hospital or other facility. Rest easy knowing we’ve got You covered regardless of the Excess Medical Expense Coverage selected.

  • $4,000 per Accident per Insured

Your coverage includes the amount of Emergency Air Ambulance expense up to the maximum of $4,000 per Accident per Insured for Medically Necessary transportation by air within 90 days from the date of Injury sustained in an Accident, to the nearest Hospital qualified to render treatment in an Emergency.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment*

Unintentional Injuries continue to be the fifth leading cause of death in America (see yellow box above). With Accident Protector, if an Insured’s Injury results in a loss, We will pay You up to 100% of the AD&D maximum** based on this schedule:

  • Loss of Life 100%
  • Loss of Limbs (two or more) 100%
  • Loss of Speech and Loss of Hearing (both ears) 100%
  • Loss of Sight (both eyes) 100%
  • Loss of Limb (one) 50%
  • Loss of Speech 50%
  • Loss of Hearing (both ears) 50%
  • Loss of Sight (one eye) 50%
  • Loss of Hand (one) 50%
  • Loss of Foot (one) 50%
  • Loss of Hearing (one ear) 25%
  • Loss of Thumb and Index Finger (same hand) 25%

*Benefits reduce by 50% on the 65th birthday of the Primary Insured and the spouse of the Primary Insured.
**AD&D Maximum equal to Excess Medical Expense Coverage Maximum Benefit selected.

All products are not available in all states.  Each product has exclusions, limitations, and terms under which the policy or certificate may be continued in force or discontinued. Benefits may vary by state. For costs and complete details of coverage, call your insurance agent. All products are underwritten by Freedom Life Insurance Company of America or National Foundation Life Insurance Company.


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