MedGuard is a 5 year renewable term life insurance product with an acceleration of the Death Benefit for a Specified Critical Illness Event or Specified Critical Illness Surgery.  MedGuard allows an Insured to receive all or part of their Death Benefit due to a Specified Critical Illness or a Specified Critical Illness Surgery which First Occurs and is Definitively Diagnosed while the coverage is in force.  Once 100% of the Death Benefit has been paid coverage under the MedGuard terminates.

Quality coverage for periods of critical illness. Although nobody likes to think about it, the possibility of being diagnosed with a critical illness is real. Every day thousands of Americans suffer a life threatening illness such as cancer, heart attack, or stroke.

You or a family member may one day be diagnosed with a critical illness; however, You have a greater chance of surviving that illness now more than ever. Advances in healthcare have increased survival rates tremendously; but recovery times may be extensive. The bills — both medical and non-medical — can be considerable. Are You and Your family prepared to shoulder that kind of expense?

MedGuard critical illness insurance can help fill the gap between health insurance and life insurance. Health insurance provides benefits for medical treatment but doesn’t include benefits for nonmedical expenses. Life insurance pays benefits, but after death. What if You survive a critical illness? Where will You find the financial resources to cover non-medical costs during recovery?

If You are diagnosed with a covered condition, MedGuard will give you a lump-sum cash payment. Your listed benefit will be paid to you when You are diagnosed.*

You can use the cash for any purpose You deem necessary such as helping to:

  • Protect your assets from being spent on recovery.
  • Replace lost income for You and your care-providing spouse.
  • Pay your mortgage or other obligations.
  • Offset out-of-pocket or medical expenses not covered by health insurance.
  • Pay for experimental treatment.
  • Pay COBRA or other insurance premiums.
  • Pay home healthcare expenses.
  • Pay tuition expenses if You need to return to school.
  • Reduce Your debt.
  • Maintain Your Family’s lifestyle.
  • Pay Your taxes.
  • Pay travel and temporary housing expenses for You and Your Family while receiving care away from home.
  • Renovate Your home or relocate.
  • Pay for childcare.
  • Finance or protect Your children’s college tuition.
  • Maintain Your business during recovery.

Should You Buy MedGuard?

If You have financial obligations, such as a mortgage, or if you have savings you don’t want to spend on recovery, MedGuard critical illness insurance may be for You. If You are a parent responsible for providing for Your children, You should consider MedGuard. If You become ill and require a long recovery time with a loss of income, MedGuard can provide you with a monetary alternative. The benefit amount You receive can help You focus on fully recovering and not on worrying where You will find the money to pay your bills.

*The Death Benefit for the Primary Insured and the Spouse of the Primary Insured will be reduced by 50% on the respective 65th birthday of the Primary Insured and the Spouse of the Primary Insured. Additionally, coverage under MedGuard ends on the date of the Insured’s 70th birthday.

All products are not available in all states.  Each product has exclusions, limitations, and terms under which the policy or certificate may be continued in force or discontinued. Benefits may vary by state. For costs and complete details of coverage, call your insurance agent. All products are underwritten by Freedom Life Insurance Company of America or National Foundation Life Insurance Company.



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